If. I told you that I had a story-idea of a crises to society, where financial speculation to benefit personal gain caused the society to crumble with banks closing and ordinary people losing their savings, you might think I had some contemporary motives.
If. I then added that the frantic public then elected a black leader, in whom they placed all their trust to a recovery of society, you would be certain of my intentions.
When I then said, that I would tell it with animal characters, you would know that I had a symbolic parable in mind.
If. I furthermore added, that I did this story more than 30 years ago, you might think, that I myself had telepathic contact with old Nostradamus, who a long time ago foresaw the terrorist act upon the Twin Towers in New York.
Whatever the matter, You can read the story in question here. Dwight Decker named it "The coming of the Blot" when he translated it from the 30 years old comic album of mine, "Klatten Kommer". It was meant to be published by Fantagraphics in USA, but Kim Thompson failed to be able to free the album rights from an expensive package including all kinds of merchandising rights, so it never came to be… And today the market interest for a printed version – even a compilation book effort – is non-existing, according to surveys carried out by Michael Nielsen from Egmont Publishing.
I invented my own prolific character, J. P. Phrogg, for the occasion, and he was so slimy, that I could use him once more in "The Happy Water" story and later again he had important roles in my Gnuff series. It is important to present strong villains in a fairytale, and J. P. Phrogg I think lived well up to that demand.